Custom Originate

Some Newfies-Dialer users might want to use Newfies-Dialer to ONLY dial out and take care of the CDRs,without the need of using the IVR engine to run the IVR application. For instance if there is an existing FreeSWITCH XML IVR or application, you might want to reuse this callflow directly. This is easily achievable thanks to the high level of flexibility that Newfies-Dialer offers.

First let’s explain how Originate command works on Freeswitch .

How to use Originate in FreeSWITCH

Originate a new call:

Usage: originate <call_url> <exten>|&<application_name>(<app_args>) [<dialplan>] [<context>] [<cid_name>] [<cid_num>] [<timeout_sec>]

FreeSWITCH will originate a call to <call_url> as Leg A. If that leg answers within 60 seconds FS will continue by searching for an extension definition in the specified dialplan for <exten> or alternatively, execute the application that follows the & along with its arguments.


  • <call_url> URL you are calling. For more info on sofia SIP URL syntax see: FreeSwitch Endpoint Sofia Destination, one of:
    <exten> Destination number to search in dialplan; note that registered extensions will fail this way, use &bridge(user/xxxx) instead &<application_name>(<app_args>) “&” indicates what follows is an application name, not an exten (<app_args>) is optional (not all applications require parameters, e.g. park) The most commonly used application names include: park, bridge, javascript/lua/perl, playback (remove mod_native_file). Note: Use single quotes to pass arguments with spaces, e.g. ‘&lua(test.lua arg1 arg2)’ Note: There is no space between & and the application name
  • <dialplan> Defaults to ‘XML’ if not specified.
  • <context> Defaults to ‘default’ if not specified.
  • <cid_name> CallerID name to send to Leg A.
  • <cid_num> CallerID number to send to Leg A.
  • <timeout_sec> Timeout in seconds; default = 60 seconds.


originate {origination_caller_id_number='123456789',ignore_early_media=true,originate_timeout=45}sofia/gateway/myowngate/0034650780001 &playback(/usr/share/freeswitch/sounds/en/us/callie/voicemail/8000/vm-hello.wav)

The above originate command will outbound a call and then run the application called playback, playback will play the wav file in the argument.

How to use originate with dialplan

First create a dialplan extension, edit default.xml and add the following before the last enum section:

<extension name="54440001">
    <condition field="destination_number" expression="^54440001$">

        <action application="set" data="call_timeout=60"/>
        <action application="answer"/>
        <action application="sleep" data="1000"/>
        <action application="playback" data="voicemail/vm-goodbye.wav"/>
        <action application="hangup"/>

Run command to reload XML:

fs_cli -x "reloadxml"

Call originate command:

originate {origination_caller_id_number='123456789',ignore_early_media=true,originate_timeout=45}sofia/gateway/myowngate/0034650780001 54440001

Custom originate with Newfies-Dialer

Newfies-Dialer configuration file has a setting to configure the outbound command:

ESL_SCRIPT = '&lua(/usr/share/newfies-lua/newfies.lua)'

For instance if you want to make a call with a simple playback, you can configure ESL_SCRIPT as follows:

ESL_SCRIPT = '&playback(/usr/share/freeswitch/sounds/en/us/callie/voicemail/8000/vm-hello.wav)'

Want to make a call and redirect them to an extension, then:

ESL_SCRIPT = '54440001'

where 54440001 is the extension in FreeSWITCH.