Rebranding and logo upload will be done by the Newfies-Dialer support team, simply provide us with the Company Name, a logo as described below, and your favicon, as described below.

Change Icon

The icon needs to be in PNG format and have transparency. Max height for the icon is 60px.

Copy it in the images/branding directory:

cp mycompany-icon.png /usr/share/newfies/resources/images/branding/logo-icon.png

Change Favicon

You will need 3 files: * apple-touch-icon.png * favicon.ico * favicon.png

Copy those files to the images/branding directory:

cp apple-touch-icon.png /usr/share/newfies/resources/images/branding/
cp favicon.* /usr/share/newfies/resources/images/branding/

Custom CSS

Copy custom.css to the css/branding directory:

cp custom.css /usr/share/newfies/resources/css/branding/

Apply changes

You will need to collect the new static files and restart supervisor:

workon newfies-dialer
cd /usr/share/newfies
python collectstatic --noinput