Setting up Microsoft Azure Speech-to-Text (ASR)

For Speech-to-Text (ASR) sign up to Microsoft Azure,, when you set up the ASR, make sure you choose eastus, we will need the API key that they provide when you add this service.

  1. First step is to connect on the Azure portal and search for Cognitive Services
  1. Now click Create

3. Give your new service a name and select East-US location. If this can’t be selected, select another and let us know which one you chose. Also, create a resource group.

  1. This might take a minute or two, then your deployment will be complete.
  1. Click, Go To Resource.
  1. Copy the contents of Key 1 and send it to us. This key will be used to connect your account with the speech recognition services you have just created.

Make sure there is a payment source with Azure to cover any costs you incur.