There are two dashboards, one for Voice and one for SMS.

Voice Dashboard

The voice dashboard gives a quick overview of both the campaign in progress, and the statistics overall and for each indvidual campaign with a selectable duration.

The Total contacts called, Duration, ASR and ALOC are displayed at the top of the page:


  • ASR - Average Seizure Ratio is a measure of network quality, it is calculated as the percentage of answered calls with respect to the total call made. A low ASR indicates that either the carrier is having a problem, or your call list has a large number of unobtainable / unanswered numbers. An ASR different to the norm also may indicate problems.
  • ALOC - Average Length of Call - This is the Bill Sec divided by the total number of answered calls.
  • Duration - the length of time from making the call to hangup.
  • Bill-Sec - The length of time from call being answered to hangup.

On the next line is some reporting for the campaign results which include:-

  • First call - When the first call was made
  • Last Call - Time of the last call made.
  • Dial - number of Dialed contacts not including any retries
  • Redial - Number of retries or redials not including the initial dial.
  • Answer - Number of calls answered
  • No Answer - Where the call is not answered, includes busy, unobtainable, no Answer.
  • Completed - Where a survey has been completed according to the completed switch on the survey node.
  • % Completed - the above figure expressed as a percentage of the total calls made
  • Transfer - Number of calls transfered to an agent when using the transfer node
  • % Transfer - Transferred calls expressed as a percentage of the total calls made

In the centre of the screen are pie charts for an at-a-glance result of your survey so far.

At the bottom of the screen is a graph showing calls by hours and minutes, with the ability to zoom in.

SMS Dashboard

The SMS dashboard simply shows the number of contacts in the campaign, with the number of SMS messages sent. A pie chart gives an at-a-glance overview the status of the campaign. There are filters for campaigns and time periods.