Call Detail Reports (CDR)

Call detail reports give the call records of each individual call along with a daily report. The UI only shows an overview of the CDR, to get a more detailed report, use the action button to download a report to CSV or Excel.

The report is mostly self explanatory, apart from the the duration and Bill Sec fields.

  • Duration is the amount of time from ringing to hangup.
  • Bill-Sec is the amount of time from answer to hangup - the sum of calls and duration should closely match your carrier’s CDR.

Therefore it follows that Duration less Bill-Sec is the time the the phone rings for before it is answered.

Survey Reports

These reports, also downloadable to CSV, Excel or JSON files are displayed here.

Under Survey Calls, you can look at each indiviual call, and see the results of the call, as well as play any audio such as for a recording node.

Subscriber Reports

When a campaign is started, the numbers to call are copied from the phonebooks selected in the campaign, these numbers in Newfies-Dialer are referred to as “Subscribers”. The subscriber report indicates the state of each individual subscriber, e.g. Pending, Completed, Sent, etc.

SMS Reports

Reports on the status of each SMS message sent.